The ‘S’ in ESG ESG is increasingly front of mind for LPs and GPs alike. But what isn’t clear, is what ‘social sustainability’ really means, and how businesses can incorporate it into their business practices.  

ESG Lab | The plastics issue The emergence of plastic use, misuse and disposal as an urgent societal, political and investment issue in teaches investors three things.  

Connect #1

Welcome to the second edition of Connect, which looks back at the last twelve months for FADAS – our approach, our people and our investments. This year’s issue has a particular focus on how we help our portfolio companies grow across the world, from local to global leaders.  

Building from Africa across the globe How market consolidation can transform businesses by extending global reach – as well as diversifying activities and growing the bottom line.  

ESG Lab | Diversity & Inclusion There are strong moral and economic cases to be made for encouraging diversity and inclusion – but many organisations, not least within the financial sector, still struggle to get it right. FADAS’ ESG Lab set out to consider some solutions.   

ESG Lab | Cybersecurity With cyber risk becoming ubiquitous, inescapable and potentially ruinous, FADAS brought investors, portfolio companies and specialists together to consider how best to upgrade the investment and corporate response.   

Connect #2

Welcome to the first edition of Connect, a new yearly publication which looks back at the last twelve months for FADAS and provides an insight into our approach, our people and our investments. With a particular focus, for this first issue, on investing in Africa and beyond.