Spot Illicit Trade ;
FADAS-Management’s sophisticated AI-based network analysis identifies unusual activity across over 1 billion shipment records before it reaches your border.

Effective Trade Promotion ;
With quick access to information on over 8 million companies in over 190 countries, FADAS-Management will help you determine where to focus your resources for maximal return and efficiency.

Recover Tariff Revenue ;
With over a decade of historical data, analyze systematic tariff evasion at the company, port, or shipment level and recover lost revenue.

An AI-Based Trade Monitoring Platform ;
FADAS-Management’s AI technology takes the guesswork out of data, so your agency can focus on your core mission. Whether you are working on enforcement, trade promotion, or interdiction, our platform will help your team make better, faster decisions.

Trade Facilitation and Overseas Commercial Assistance ;
FADAS-Management gives you the data you need at any level of international commerce. Know the sectors that matter to you and your trading partners. Boost tariff revenues by stopping systematic tariff evasion using data from other governments.