We strive to take a leading position as a responsible investor to improve the company’s sustainability but also, we believe it improves its operational efficiency. Embedding ESG in the portfolio ownership ensures proper monitoring and improvement of environmental impact (carbon footprint and waste measurement, energy efficiency), employee relations (job creation, diversity, workforce satisfaction), corporate governance (ethical conduct, employee shareholding) and relations with external stakeholders (responsible supply chain, charity policy).     

How do we do it?

Before investment.

All portfolio companies are screened and assessed against our ESG framework in areas such as Environment, Employee Health & Safety, governance structure and supply chain policies. This helps bring to light risks that conventional investment analysis can overlook, and identify opportunities for revenue growth presented by environmental or social trends.

During investment.

Following a post-acquisition ESG review carried out by an external consultant and company visits, recommendations are drawn up and a time-bound action plan put in place. This action plan is reviewed at board level on a yearly basis.

The FADAS Sustainability Club.

As a majority shareholder, we are in a position to influence many aspects of portfolio companies, provide resources and time that they may lack at a given moment and support initiatives that will benefit them. This includes an annual Sustainability Club meeting that gathers the Sustainability managers or representatives from all portfolio companies to share knowledge and experience on specific topics, meet start-ups and solutions and share best practices.

ESG reports of FADAS’s portfolio companies. There has been a steady increase in the commitment of portfolio companies towards ESG matters. Qualitative and quantitative data is monitored at FADAS’s level but also communicated in companies’ dedicated ESG reports.