FADAS-AFRIC aims to preserve and develop the entrepreneurial heritage of companies, while promoting and facilitating the process of skills transfer.

FADAS-AFRIC offers the expertise that can assist you in the implementation of your extension or business start-up procedures. The Business Plan that we will put together for your account will take into account the market study, the marketing plan, the financial analyzes, the financial and administrative forecast documents.

Whether you are thinking of better planning your business, whether you are in the process of expanding your activities or even acquiring a business, FADAS-AFRIC can support you in this process.

We are able to give you access to all the necessary tools as well as the professionals you will need to assess the possibility of expanding a business or starting a new one.

We will be able to offer you a simple and practical approach to carry out your extension or start-up project by guiding you to all awareness and information initiatives encouraging business development and networking between entrepreneurs.

It is known that for BCEAO classification agreements, financial and administrative documents including feasibility studies and business plans are requested from banks and other financial institutions for better financing of businesses.

Do you have to write your business plan? Are you looking for funding?

Do you want to increase your chances of succeeding in your business expansion or start-up project?

The technical and financial setting up of a business plan is the important step in developing a business plan. Often seen as a binding document, it should be written as a reference guide that the business owner should periodically consult and update.

A business plan is a written document that reviews all aspects of your business project. The plan represents the synthesis of your efforts, your research and your analysis. It is proof that you are determined to follow through on your business expansion or start-up project. It should also serve to convince financial partners or even business partners to get involved in the proposed implementation, since it will briefly explain:

The summary of the project and its market

-The qualification of the people involved

-The legal and organizational form of your company

-The mode of planned operations

-The financial forecasts

FADAS-AFRIC LTD’s mission is to:

-Suscitate economic development and the creation of viable jobs in the territory of each of the cities and municipalities where your company operates,

-Create, with all the private-public partners involved in the region, a climate conducive to investment and the development of entrepreneurship in all its forms, by promoting, where appropriate, the application of the principle of sustainable development, -Promote, in the spheres of the market economy and the social economy relating to the industrial, tourist, commercial, agro-food, service and residential sectors, the establishment of an entrepreneurial culture respectful of all citizens who build them.